Bilbo-reducedBilbo Baggins

By the end of the journey, Bilbo had become wiser and more confident, having saved the day in many precarious situations. Bilbo’s journey has been compared to a pilgrimage of grace. The Hobbit can be characterized as a “Christian bildungsroman which equates progress to wisdom gained in the form of a rite of passage.(Sources : Bilbo Baggins )

Bilbo’s Room was the Third built at House of Hobbit, it can suits 3 people in the room.





House of Hobbits-131 Pool Side

House of Hobbits-305 House of Hobbit Miniature

House of Hobbits-10 Local Fruit Farm

House of Hobbits-12 Local Organic Farm

House of Hobbits-14 Fresh Coconut Juice

House of Hobbits-70 Diner Area

House of Hobbits-227 Rivendell

House of Hobbits-324 The Area

House of Hobbits-322 Twin Towers

House of Hobbits-303 Three Java Kings

House of Hobbits-298The Surya (Sunrise)


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