Pipin / Meriadoc

Pipin : Meridoc 2Pipin / Meriadoc

Peregrin was the only son of Paladin Took II and wife Eglantine Banks, and therefore inherited Paladin’s title of Thain of the Shire. His best friend Meriadoc Brandybuck, more commonly known as Merry, was his cousin, son of Paladin’s sister Esmeralda Brandybuck. ‘Peregrin’ means ‘traveller in strange countries

Pipin / Meriadoc’s  Room & Kitchen are the fifth built at House of Hobbit, It is the biggest room and kitchen area at House of Hobbit. It located by side pool. It was designed with wooden an dry grass (as known alang-alang) and combine with modern kitchen






House of Hobbits-131Rivendell

House of Hobbits-70 The Diner

House of Hobbits-159 The Ring Table

House of Hobbits-166 The meeting area

House of Hobbits-298 Surya (sunrise)

House of Hobbits-303 Three Java Kings

House of Hobbits-322 The Two Towers

House of Hobbits-324 Parking area

House of Hobbits-330 Rivendell

House of Hobbits-305 House of Hobbit Miniature

House of Hobbits-14 Fresh Coconut Juice

Srikaya Local Fruit Farm

House of Hobbits-12Local Organic Farm


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