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Yayasan Gunung Pal (YGP) was setup because of the bad environment of the plastic, Trees, and eduction, YGP was setup on May 15 2013,

As people become more mindful of society’s environmental impact one issue ranks top of mind: Conservations, plastic and educations. Plastic is everywhere and it never biodegrades, it just gets smaller. So regardless of how big a plastic product is to begin with, its effects are nearly equal once it ends up in the ocean. Non-profit organizations like Yayasan Gunung Pal  and Banjar Pahlengkong  are working to address Enviroment plastic pollution, offering alternatives and raising awareness.

Yayasan Gunung Pal  is named from local mountain that located in our Banjar, Gunung means Mountain and Pal means The name of our Banjar which is Pahlengkong and Yayasan means Foundation

At the moment YGP can reduce the plastic trash and plastic bag used  until 80% just in Banjar Pahlengkong area. With support of 165 kids all over.

YGP was primary donated by House of Hobbit and friends

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