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At the start of The Lord of the Rings Sam, typically for a hobbit, had never before ventured far from the immediate area where he lived. Unusually for a hobbit, however, since childhood Sam was fond of legends and other fantastical stories. Sam was particularly interested in the Elves, and always hoped to one day see one. Sam was literate, having been taught by Bilbo and Frodo, which was unusual for most hobbits given to their rustic culture. Sam often showed a talent for poetry.(Sources : Samwise Gamgee )

Sam’s room was built the second at House of Hobbit, it designed for local storage as rice paddies store, it called ” Lumbung “, it is redecorating with modern balinese touch, Sam’s Room has two store, bed and bathroom – Kitchen. it located by pool side.


Pool access

Pet allowed


Hot thub

Air conditioning

Free parking on premises

Standard cable Television

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